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  • Rubber Joint on Sewage Treatment

    1. Date:2016-05-17
    2. View:412
    Rubber expansion joint is a new type of pipeline connector, installed in the pipe line with a good shock absorption and noise reduction function, Xinli Pipeli
  • Flange Choosing of Rubber Expansion Joint

    1. Date:2016-05-16
    2. View:403
    Rubber joint is made of inside and outside layer of glue, ply and a steel wire ring which composed of tubular rubber parts, after vulcanization molding combine
  • Stainless steel flanged ball valve

    1. Date:2016-04-29
    2. View:244
    Features of stainless steel flange valve 1. low resistance2. simple structure, small volume, light weight.3. tight and reliable. ball valve seal material is pla
  • Three-piece type flange ball valve

    1. Date:2016-04-28
    2. View:165
    Three-piece design with flanged ends for fast installation, in-line maintenance and rebuilding. Working pressure includes CLASS 150, PN 16, PN 40, JIS 10K. Adj
  • High mounting ball valve from Xinli Co.,Ltd

    1. Date:2016-04-27
    2. View:494
    High mounting ball valve working priciple depends on valve rotation, which makes valve open or close. Ball valve switch is light, samll volum, good sealing, si
  • ZTH type rubber vibration insulator

    1. Date:2016-04-27
    2. View:141
    ZTH series anti shearing shock absorber use multi curve cylindrical spring,the shrinkage rate is much larger than rubber materials therefore, the rubber vibratio
  • Stainless steel three-piece welding ball valve

    1. Date:2016-04-23
    2. View:448
    Three way welding ball valve means the closure part is sphere the spheres rotate around the valve center line for to achieve open and close. Ball valve is main
  • Stainless steel three-way ball valve

    1. Date:2016-04-22
    2. View:429
    Stainless steel three-way ball valve Three way ball valve has T type and L type. T type can make three orthogonal pipeline connect or cut off. which has difflu
  • Italy DN50 SS321 Flange Ball Valve

    1. Date:2016-04-20
    2. View:367
    Product features: 1. small resistance, ball valve is the smallest resistance among the valves. Even reducing valve, the resistance is pretty small.2. thrust bea
  • Stainless Steel Three Way Ball Valve

    1. Date:2016-04-19
    2. View:421
    Professional: We are professional manufacturer of valves.Ensure our valves is quality controlled and reliable. Quality Control: We have been engaged in valve d


Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber expansion joint is widely used in the field of chemical industry, construction, supply water, sewage drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, sanitation, plumbing, electricity and other fundamental engineering.

Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joints are used to connect Flange on the one side and weld pipe on the other,modulate the product's length in between

Duckbill Check Valve

Duckbill check valve is a simple, reliable, cost effective method of backflow prevention. The series flange integral duckbill check valve is designed to be installed between two mating flanges.

Expansion Bellows Compensator

Metal bellows expansion joints (also called Metal Expansion Joint) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines.


Valve is not only own with the functions of opening quickly, easy to maintain, good sealing but also safety fire-safe and Antistatic designs.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber is adopted in ductile iron, which improves the plasticity and toughness of the product, and the strength of the steel is higher than that of the carbon steel

Pipe Accessory

S312,S404 Water-Proof Sleeve is generally applied to the structure with requirement of vibration or water proof in the position.


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