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  • Usage Instructions of Rubber Joint

    1. Date:2018-08-31
    2. View:66
    1.The appropriate model must be selected according to the working pressure, connection mode, medium and compensation quantity of the pipeline, and its quantity
  • Distinction between Metallic Hose and Nonmetallic Compensator

    1. Date:2018-08-30
    2. View:416
    Stainless steel corrugated metal hose is a kind of high-quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipeline. Stainless steel corrugated metal hose is mainly co
  • Rubber joint

    1. Date:2018-08-29
    2. View:163
    Common ground between buckle slot and flanged rubber joint
    The buckle groove and flanging rubber joint are both composed of a rubber ball and two flanges. It ha
  • Flexible Double Sphere Rubber Joint

    1. Date:2018-08-28
    2. View:273
    Installation Method:
    1.During installation, it is strictly forbidden to install over displacement limit.
    2. Install bolts to symmetry, step by step compression
  • Eccentric Variable Diameter Rubber Joint

    1. Date:2018-08-27
    2. View:391
    1. When the flexible rubber joint pipe is installed, it must be kept in a natural state, and the product should not be artificially deformed during installatio
  • Flexible Double Sphere Rubber Joint

    1. Date:2018-08-24
    2. View:268
    Product description,Performance features,Installation method,
  • Installation Instructions of Rubber Discharge Check Valve

    1. Date:2018-08-23
    2. View:409
    Preparation Before Installation
    1.Please check whether the working conditions are consistent with the valve type, installation mode, technical parameters, tec
  • Introduction of Sealing Principle of Rubber Joint

    1. Date:2018-08-22
    2. View:77
    The soft rubber joint is a kind of flexible joint used to connect the hardware pipeline. The product has the characteristics of anti-shock, noise reduction and


Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber expansion joint is widely used in the field of chemical industry, construction, supply water, sewage drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, sanitation, plumbing, electricity and other fundamental engineering.

Dismantling Joint

Dismantling Joints are used to connect Flange on the one side and weld pipe on the other,modulate the product's length in between

Duckbill Check Valve

Duckbill check valve is a simple, reliable, cost effective method of backflow prevention. The series flange integral duckbill check valve is designed to be installed between two mating flanges.

Expansion Bellows Compensator

Metal bellows expansion joints (also called Metal Expansion Joint) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines.


Valve is not only own with the functions of opening quickly, easy to maintain, good sealing but also safety fire-safe and Antistatic designs.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber is adopted in ductile iron, which improves the plasticity and toughness of the product, and the strength of the steel is higher than that of the carbon steel

Pipe Accessory

S312,S404 Water-Proof Sleeve is generally applied to the structure with requirement of vibration or water proof in the position.


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