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Series 301 Xinli Sphere Single Sphere


 Series 301 Xinli Sphere Single Sphere

Precision molded Xinli-Sphere connectors will perform double duty as a vibration elimination pump connector, or as an expansion joint, absorbing pipe movements.
Xinli-Sphere connectors are perfect for HVAC or industrial applications where a flexible connector is needed to absorb axial, transverse, or angular pipe movements. Xinli-Sphere rubber connectors are also superior to braided metal connectors for absorbing vibration and noise generated by mechanical equipment.
Xinli-Sphere connectors are precision molded in hydraulic presses. The spherical design insures that internal pressures are exerted in all directions, distributing the forces evenly over a large area. The spherical design acts as a free-flowing arch, reducing turbulence and growth due to pressure thrust forces.
These connectors are manufactured with a high quality EPDM rubber tube and cover, and nylon tire cord reinforcing. Special elastomers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, and Butyl are also available. The standard EPDM material is superior to competitive connectors made of Neoprene due to their higher temperature resistance and physical properties. Galvanized steel floating flanges are recessed to engage the rubber beaded end of the expansion joint and rotate easily for speed of installation.
Style U301 single sphere connectors are ideal for absorbing small stress motions and absorbing the noise and vibration emitted by mechanical equipment. The face-to-face dimensions of these single sphere connectors match the corresponding dimensions of spool type expansion joints, facilitating direct replacements. This short face-to-face dimension translates to economy of space in the piping system and ease of handling and installation.
Xinli-Sphere Series 301 & 302 connectors are manufactured to meet or exceed the pressure, movement, and dimensional ratings of the Rubber Expansion Joint Division, Fluid Sealing Association.
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