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How to identify EPDM rubber joint by appearance


 EPDM rubber joint is developed to adapt to high-temperature resistant pipe, the operation environment of the rubber joint can effectively adapt to high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius degrees, which can basically meet the conventional high temperature pipeline for the required temperature.

1. color, observe carefully of the rubber ball color, many counterfeit goods due to the poor quality of rubber, so the color of the rubber body is especially gloomy. Before leaving the factory most manufacturer,polish on the ball with black shoe oiled polishing treatment, so that it looks black and bright. But the rubber joints made of real EPDM is not especially bright or very dark.
2. taste, in fact, it is the best way to make the judgement, due to the composition of the rubber contains vinyl, so the rubber will have the pungent smell. But EPDM is ethylene, propylene polymer, and is a high with filling materials, so after filled vulcanized EPDM rubber but there is no ordinary rubber pungent taste, but substituted is a sweet taste. So as long as the user paying attention, it is not difficult to determine the real one.
3. touch, as for the touch if you tough carefully the friction of the rubber joint inner sphere, it feeling fine and smooth, due to the excellent authentic EPDM rubber texture, the price is expensive. So the production of rubber joints in the touch especially fine, and ordinary rubber touch up the touch is far away, there will be a touch of rough skin feeling.
EPDM rubber joint


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